Night Lullabies
Good Night Lullabies
A blend of classical and traditional styles, these lullabies contain all the elements
proven by research to help bring peaceful sleep to children of all ages.
• 15 beautiful piano compositions styled in the "cradle form"
• Matches the child's own natural heartbeat's rhythm
• More effective, less distracting than vocal lullabies
Instrumental elements help to gradually slow and relax
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Melody, Inspiration and
Patrice Cosier has a Masters Degree in Music and 30 years experience as a music educator, performer and movement specialist.  She taught K-8 music in Florida and California, and was a professor of Music History and Appreciation.

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"These beautiful, calming lullabies are perfect for children and adults alike."
  -- Maureen Willman, MA - Family Therapist, Child Specialist

"This music will transport you to a land of tranquility and peace."
  -- P.A. Walsh, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

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All original music that creates a realm of tranquility for your baby and you.  Inspired by Chopin, Brahms and folk tunes of the composer's Irish heritage, they evoke a peaceful atmosphere for napping, bedtime or just relaxing.
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